Areas of Practice

Tax Advice and Representation

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
- Benjamin Franklin

Tax Defense

We all know that death and taxes are life’s certainties.  Tax knowledge is required and invaluable when assisting individuals in estate planning, probate, trust, business and other legal matters.

Tax advice & representation

It is especially important to work with an attorney that not only understand various tax issues but can work as a team with a client’s certified public accountant or other accounting professional.

Keever Law, working in conjunction with a client’s certified public accountant, works with clients to address, advise on, and ultimately resolve state and federal tax questions.

Tax Defense Directives

Ultimately, the goal of Keever Law in tax advice and representation is to spell out the desires of each client as precisely as possible and avoid (to the greatest extent possible) unnecessary costs, court involvement, and disputes.